• Academic psychology
    • Academic psychology

      The modern history of psychology began in the 1870s. Psychologists have since struggled to agree on basic theory. The focus has been biased towards mental illness and there has been too much acceptance of what is considered “normal”. As a consequence, the possibility of a significantly better psychological health - otherwise known as human potential - has been largely ignored.

      Cognitive therapy has introduced definite benefits, although in practice these are limited to correcting “below normal” problems. Transpersonal psychology promised more, but has remained on the fringes - perhaps because it (and the precise understanding of its advocates) has been lacking. Abraham Maslow (1908-1970) made a useful contribution with his work on self-actualisation. Recently, Martin Seligman and others have generated interest in positive psychology. For the past few decades, K. Anders Ericsson and others have researched the acquisition of expert performance and deliberate practice.

      What do we know that is different?

      The Human Potential Trust is pioneering the psychology of attitude. We offer mainstream psychology two specific but related areas of knowledge for consideration. Our knowledge is precise, mechanical rather than merely descriptive, and our approach is exclusively evidence-based.

      Firstly, our emphasis on the problem of psychological avoidance and its effect on the need for error-focused learning is important. Sigmund Freud (1856-1939) examined psychological avoidance in relation to anxiety, whereas we view the various forms of avoidance more as obstacles which will likely frustrate attempts to change.

      Secondly, we have identified 16 key inter-linked factors that are crucial for achieving a significantly better psychological health. These produce outstanding attitude - with benefits for all, as well as the individual. Our knowledge is supported by many years of practical implementation.

      Our hope is that leading psychologists and the new generation of psychology students will consider these two areas that are necessary for making life better. To repeat: the potential benefits for all are massive.

      We have produced a world-class e-learning course on attitude that should be of considerable interest to academic psychologists. This is available free-of-charge. Attitude - a deeper approach to "being the best you can be" is modular, in PDF format, illustrated, and the all-important content is exceptional. 

      We are straight-talking and bullshit-free. We don’t use any clever buzz words or jargon to hide a lack of practical understanding. To us, a “stakeholder” is someone who holds a wooden fencing post whilst another person thumps it into the ground. Likewise, we don’t waffle or seek to make ourselves look clever. We simply and reliably deliver.

      Email us now for an Introduction to the course to find out more. We look forward to hearing from you.