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      We suggest you read Avoidance Doesn’t Work by Iain Scott (our director). This book provides a detailed overview of our pioneering work, explaining why we have been so unusually successful. High quality photographic images support the thought-provoking text.

      This “must read” book is very reasonably priced at £11.99 from all good booksellers. ISBN: 978-1-899131-06-8.

      Iain Scott is extremely unusual. His story is fascinating.
      A series of remarkable experiences changed his life.
      What he subsequently worked out makes life better.
      His logic is irrefutable and the practical evidence from what
      he has achieved over the past 30 years is undeniable.

      Edgar D. Mitchell, the sixth man to walk on the moon, commented
      “I am completely convinced that Iain Scott’s rare experience
      is likely a part of the evolutionary destiny of Homo sapiens.”