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Introduction: a pioneering approach

We are pioneers in the psychology of attitude. Our aim is to stimulate the next step forward in human evolution. From our perspective, human psychology is stuck or limited - despite all the rapidly improving technology which demonstrates undoubted intelligence. Looking even wider, thinking about what advanced life might possibly be out there in the Milky Way and beyond, humans are still relatively primitive or backward. The countless instances of suffering and dysfunction, whether on a personal or global level, sadly demonstrate the reality of this statement. We urgently need to change.

Our approach is exact, exclusively evidence-based, and highly practical. We have over 40 years of experience applying the psychology of attitude to nature conservation and (in the past) humanitarian aid work, with outstanding success. Our education material is 100% reliable and available to all. It works.

We define “human potential” as follows:

  • Human potential is ultimately about the pursuit of individual excellence for the benefit of all. When this is properly examined or understood, it boils down to being the best you can be - for the common good. It involves developing unrealised capabilities or capacity, and going beyond self-imposed limitations. Greater meaning or purpose is gained through increased concern for the wider world beyond “me, me, me”.
  • Expressed simply, it is about becoming more fully alive or more fully human.
  • We recognise the normalised “me, me, me” mentality as the world’s biggest problem.