e-Learning courses

Our exact know-how is available through an e-learning course titled
Attitude - a deeper approach to “being the best you can be”. It’s purposely free-of-charge, as we believe in open and free education for anyone, anywhere. The world-class content can be applied to whatever area of life you want to be better at.

Like all of our education material, it’s bullshit-free. We don’t waffle and a lot of exact information is contained within relatively few words (so careful reading and re-reading is necessary).

If you are a parent (or another relative), we have a course for young people titled Finding your way - the essential guide to attitude for 11-16s. Again, this has world-class content and is deliberately free-of-charge.

For further information about our adult course, please email Becky at attitudecourse@gmail.com. For further information about our young people’s course, please email Becky at attitudefor11to16s@gmail.com.